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Sathaporn Estate (SE)” proposes the concept of PASSION FOR LIVING WELL to drive business growth by using three main strategies namely design, functional, and product facility, to penetrate the current real estate market in 2022.

May 6, 2022

Sathaporn Estate (SE) continues to penetrate the current real estate market in full force in 2022 with the aim to drive business performance and residential development with distinctive functionality and common area design concept, as well as to improve the quality of life with three main strategies namely design, functional, and product facility.

Sathaporn Estate (SE) moves forward with the launch of three projects in three strategic locations, worth 3,306 million baht, and a sales target of over 2,400 million baht with a brand refresh this year.

Bangkok – This morning (May 5, 2022), Mr Sunthorn Sathaporn, Managing Director of Sathaporn Estate Company Limited (SE), a leading developer of high-quality condominiums, houses, and townhomes, revealed that in 2021 the company has committed to comprehensively study and analyse the real estate market in the middle- to upper-end segment in order to keep up to the changing consumer behavioural patterns, enhance project development, and effectively penetrate the highly competitive real estate market among current conditions.

In addition to low- and high-rise projects that provide good quality of life through modern designs reflecting uniqueness and environmental awareness, the company has continuously brought quality projects to the market including The SHADE Sathon 1, The Eternity Town Primrose Vacharaphol, and The Eternity Greenwood Rangsit-Wongwaen which have received positive response from customers, resulting in over 1,150 million baht of current total sales, approximately 850 million baht of ownership transfer funds, and approximately 300 million baht of backlog, which went according to plan.

In 2022, the company has refreshed its brand by modernising the logo colour and style and proposed the concept of PASSION FOR LIVING WELL by committing to create a good quality of life and paying attention to even the smallest details when it comes to design, though visual and tactile perceptual experience, combined with the development of technology and environmental innovations for better living now and in the future.

The company has also divided its business ratio with a balanced portfolio model between low-rise and high-rise residential projects in order to maintain a balance in business operations and aim to launch at least three new projects per year continuously by using the following three main strategies to penetrate the market:

  • DESIGN: Place importance on the project design for our lives and natural surroundings with the houses facing north-south and the clubhouse being integrated with the project’s front facade to reduce noise pollution from outside and create privacy for residents. The houses are also built with modern materials of different and luxurious architectural style for optimal uniqueness or built with LIVE GREEN, BE WELL style to match the lifestyle of “GREEN EXPERIENCER” residents. 
  • FUNCTIONAL: Design houses that fulfil various functions while bringing technology and environmental innovations to use in several projects to enhance well-being and quality of life, for instance, converting an area on the 2nd floor to an extra bedroom or a multipurpose room to a room to unwind or a corner to work from home, as well as a space to serve each one’s needs, be it parking or swimming pool for children and adults, to meet the lifestyle of “HUMAN TOUCH LIVABLE” residents.
  • PRODUCT FACILIITY: Develop common area to meet all lifestyles including a free form swimming pool connected to the common garden, an area dedicated to children’s learning, a walkway for exercising in accordance with the lifestyle of “WELL BEING LIFESTYLE” residents. 

In 2022, Sathaporn Estate (SE) moves forward with the launch of three projects, with a total worth of 3,306 million baht, consisting of one high-rise and two low-rise residential projects. Redefining bespoke luxury in the heart of the Bangkok and offering high-class facilities, The CROWN Residences is a high-rise residential condominium with 32 storeys and exclusive 183 residential units worth over 2,016 million baht. The project is desirably located in an ultra-CBD location, between Sukhumvit and Silom-Sathon area, easily accessible via Rama 4 road, Lumpini/Klong Toey station of BTS Blue Line, and is five minutes from Chalerm Maha Nakhon Expressway exit. Price starts 6-20 MB*

The other two low-rise residential projects are:

THE ETERNITY GROVE (SAIMAI – PHAHOL), an exclusive residential project under the concept of “Make it yours” and a net value of 560 million baht comprising only 92 units with up to three parking spaces, located three kilometres from BTS Green Line’s Kukot and KM25 stations with a starting price of 5.9 MB and the scheduled pre-sales is in July.

THE ETERNITY RAMA 9–WONGWAEN), a luxurious residential project in the heart of Rama 9 – Wongwaen area comprising only 70 units with a net value of 730 million baht, conveniently located on prime location among distinctive facilities with a starting price of 9 MB and the scheduled pre-sales is in November.

In 2022, the company has set a sales target of over 2,400 million baht, where 1,386 million baht or 58% is for high-rise residential projects and 1,014 million baht or 42% is for low-rise residential projects, with over 1,280 million baht of ownership transfer funds, said Mr Sunthorn at the end.


About “Sathaporn Estate” (SE)

Sathaporn Estate (SE), a subsidiary company of Sathaporn Group, is an agricultural product exporter, warehousing and sea port service provider, and manufacturer of ethanol from cassava to renewable energy. Sathaporn Estate (SE) develops real estate while creating a culture of quality and customer satisfaction under the business concept of “PASSION FOR LIVING WELL.”

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